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May 16, 2001 12:23 AM

Bibimbap in Cambridge/Somerville

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ok, so it's not quite the everyday bibimbap that you'll find at most korean restaurants, but it's more akin to the bibimbap my mom would make at home, and much healthier than anywhere else:

sun's cafe off of mass ave (a few blocks past porter exchange).

the bibimbap has a lot of vegetables (the haidupbap has even more! and with raw tuna and salmon!), is very fresh and clean tasting. it's not what you would expect as the "traditional" restaurant-style bibimbap that you can get anywhere (except for the bibimbap at ma soba's... which is such KRAP). but it's darn good. and good for you.

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  1. Hey! Do they serve beer or wine? We went to Wu Chon last nite, and the haidupbap had great fish, but boring vegetables....My friend had bibambap, which looked more interesting, but would have been pretty meager if it wasn't for all the namul..(great selection!)...I know, I know, we should have had grilled, but sometimes ya gottah have comfort food! Do they do marinated vegetables with their haidupbap(winter mountain veg, et al..) or just this boring lettuce stuff that seems to be becoming the norm?

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      it's more of a quick lunch/cafe type of restaurant, but i'm sure that they have a beer or two in the fridge.

      like i said, it's not the most "traditional" type of
      bibimbap, but more of the type of bibimbap that my mom makes in the summer. lots of fresh vegetables (leafy lettuce, radish, carrots), with good meats, etc. so maybe it's more of the "boring lettuce" type of bibimbap.