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May 11, 2001 12:21 PM

Taking advantage of this weather

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Since we have been so blessed by such amazing weather as of late (please, let's hope it continues) I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of good places with some form of outside seating--be it patio, or rooftop, or courtyard. I have found that many restaurants that offer this benefit are really quite mediocre in their food offerings. I would like to find some place, even a little hole in the wall, not well-known joint, that serves up a good dish and has seating where patrons can enjoy the evening weather.

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  1. On June 16th, Upstairs At The Pudding will close their doors. If you haven't been, I strongly suggest you visit before they move locations. The outdoor patio/garden has always been one the most magical places to enjoy dinner.
    Harvest (also in Harvard Sq.) has outdoor seating and their patio is very nice as well. I know this doesn't meet your "hole in the wall" request but you'll enjoy either place anyway.

    1. Have you tried Iruna (I am pretty sure that's the correct name) right off Harvard Square? There is seating in a tiny patio overlooking the backyard of a house. You will see the sign from the street (John F. Kennedy St.?) . The food is down home Spanish; nothing fancy but quite good and well priced!