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Apr 30, 2001 07:08 PM

Grill 23, how are you?

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We're headed to Boston the end of the month and want to have a nice family (adults only) dinner with good steaks for our meat eater and good lobster, clams, mussels for those of us who love them, nice service, not too loud atmosphere. Saw Grill 23 in Zagats, any comments? We're hoping to spend around $50 per person, including wine. Staying at the Parker House.


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  1. I went there for the first time in Oct., don't know why it took so long. It's a fun experience. Lots of boisterous meat eating groups, be prepared for lots of noise. Except for a couple complete meals, entrees are $25-35 with no sides, so the $50 pp will be pushing it. The seafood dishes on the menu sounded good at least but it was all excellent meat at our table. The Capitol Grill is less rowdy and oakier an atmosphere. And speaking of oak, the Oak Room in the Copley Plaza has nice steaks and such. Can't vouch for the other meat places.


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      I don't think Capital Grill is very good for seafood. Had a terrible tuna steak there. SO many better options for seafood that I wouldn't waste a trip to Cap. Grille unless you want steak.

    2. The $50 limit including wine really eliminates Grill 23, Capitol Grille, Mortons, The Palm and The Oak Room. Less expensive than those is Flemings near the Park Plaza. It's not too noisy as well.