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Apr 24, 2001 06:07 PM

Ritz-Carlton Dining Room

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I understand this fine venue as closed. If anyone knows the reason for the closing, please share.

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  1. The hotel will be closing for renovations when the new Ritz opens. Most believe that it will not reopen as a hotel. The sudden decision to close the Main Dining Room was made in January. The room had been closed on slow nights for some time. Alphonso is at Brasserie Jo.

    What a shame!

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      The Dining Room is being used as function space and yes, the hotel will be closed for 9 months for renovations when the new one opens August 1st. The "old" Ritz will reopen as a hotel but still maintain it's distinct differences. The "new" one is all about bright colors and modern decor. The "old" Ritz will keep the dark colors and the posh, elegant look that has always appealed to the "blue-blood" sect.