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Apr 24, 2001 02:09 PM


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Wondering if anyone has had any really great mussels--you know like the kind you get in Belguim (big bowls heaping with mussels with plump tomotoes and white wine and garlic). So far the best I've had are at the Paramount--big bowls of large PEI's.

Also, looking for great tapas. Went to Dali, not all that impressed to be honest....perhaps I don't know what to order???

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  1. East Coast Grill in Inman Square has good mussels, not like Belgium, but for Boston, pretty good.

    I agree about Dali. It is one of the most over-rated and over-priced places around.

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    1. re: Gary

      Hey, why'd'ja hafta stick a pin in my Dali fantasy? I've been dying to go there, just waiting for an occasion to ask a gang of friends, since spouse is not keen and it wouldn't be any fun alone. Is this the consensus? 'Hounds?

      1. re: C. Fox

        I'll respectfully have to disagree--I love Dali, and Tapeo on Newbury St., owned by the same people...They have stuffed squid to die for, wonderful octopus, and lots of things for carnivores, too. They have the largest selection of sherries by the glass in the Boston area, and they are very knowledgable in recommending one in line with your preferences...There is another Tapas bar in Brookline, Taberno de Haro, which is fun, and smaller, but has nowhere near the selection and quality of tapas. Oh yeah, a meat-eating friend of mine had stewed ox-tails that made her swoon! Great for a crowd---most people swear by the samgria by-the-pitcher!!! Too bad your husband won't go---for a twosome, it can be really romantic!!!!!

        1. re: Leslie

          I must agree. I also enjoy Dali. Although they may be sister restaurants, I think Dali is better than Tapeo. Once again the key here is to ask for suggestions from waitstaff, managers, busboys or anyone else you can find!

          1. re: Joel

            As an infrequent visitor to Boston, I'm no expert on local tapas, but I had a great time at Dali about two years ago.

            1. re: rjka

              The hosts and hostesses at Dali are really nasty about forcing people to wait right next to the door or else they'll give your table away, even after a wait of an hour or more. For that reason alone, I dislike the place. Also, I find the service generally rude.
              For Iberian food, I think you do much better at Atasca on Broadway in Cambridge. They also have fantastic mussels, which is how this whole thread got started, if I'm not mistaken.

              1. re: JustinCooper

                I must agree with most above, Dali is a great place, particularly with a large group of friends. My experience has always been great with the waitstaff. The only negative for me is that the Sangria is quite expensive - something like $27 a pitcher.

                Back to mussels - James Gate in Jamaica Plain has great mussels. Garlic and white wine with just a touch of red pepper.

            2. re: Joel

              The other trick to getting the best value out of Dali/Tapeo is going with several people. As a dinner out for two, the cost can get very steep very quickly and you wind up with too much of one dish and nowhere near enough of another. On the excursions we've done with four people, three to five tapas gave us a wide variety of things to sample and varied enough tastes that everyone managed to find a favorite to latch onto and eat the larger share. Admittedly, the pitcher of sangria doesn't go quite as far but life is compromise. As far as the service, I've found Dali to be incredibly cordial and friendly once you manage to get through the door.

          2. re: C. Fox

            Again, I wouldn't rule out going there, I think I just didn't know what to order. I must admit that the atosphere is nice and funky and fun; and I would take the advice of the others and ask the staff for guidance.

            1. re: C. Fox

              The best best best tapas place is Tasca right near the Bread and Circus on Washington ST (?). Not exactly sure of the street at the moment. Nioce mellow atmosphere. Really good tapas like you get in Spain-very authentic and delicious.

            2. re: Gary

              I've had WONDERFUL meals at Dali. I haven't been there in a couple years but they treated us very well for my wife's birthday. Very fun place and the tastes were unusual and fantastic.

            3. Village Fish in Brookline Village does a wonderful Sicilian mussel appetizer that I often have for a meal. It's a big skillet FULL of mussels, white wine, and LOTS of garlic..No tomatoes, but I'm sure you could ask..Just bring breath mints!!

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              2. I always love the "mussels from Brussels" appetizer
                at Central Kitchen in Cambridge. It's quite big
                as an appetizer, and I have eaten it several times
                alone as a light meal. Nice mussels, very tasty broth
                with a pile of really great french fries on top sprinkled with a garlic aioli that complements the
                broth nicely.

                1. The BEST Mussels in Boston are found in a new Restaurant - Red's Eastside Grille - in South Boston.

                  It is great - also the Seafood of all types is great. It serves New England Comfort food - fried clams, seafood chowder, fish cakes - all homemade. It is a family - owned rest.