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Apr 20, 2001 10:25 PM

Seafood Restaurant Near Wyndham Boston

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Can anyone tell me a good seafood restaurant or two not far from the Wyndham? Near Faneuil Hall? We are going to Legal Seafood while we are there, but wanted the name of another good place. Casual..moderately priced...good selection of grilled fish...thanks for any recommendations !!!

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  1. Kingfish Hall. Right at Faneuil Hall. One of the only games in town for seafood done well and originally. Owned by Todd English, and one of his best. with so much food coming in or out, you CAN get a bad meal. But the fish is swimminlgy fresh, the global takes way moe fun and rewarding than legal, the wine list very good, the atmosphere raucous. Sit downstairs.

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      Just so you have the full range of choices with regards to seafood near Faneuil Hall/ Finacial Dist.
      Rowes Wharf - High end and although cuisine is wonderful, the service is not great most nights.
      Union Oyster House - Only good for the basics. Raw bar is good too.
      Chart House - Solid food and a decent value.
      Legal Seafood (Aquarium) - Just like every other Legal. Decent food but the service is always a crap-shoot.
      Kingfish Hall is great but be warned, it's very crowded most nights and VERY noisy.