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Apr 14, 2001 07:47 PM

Thai market in boston?

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Can anyone tell me good thai grocery stores in Boston? Today I went to Thai Binh in Chinatown and Sen Sun (or something like that). Are there any others?


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  1. At the end of Washington Street in the South End are two large Asian grocery stores-Mings and Super88. They should have anything you need.

    1. After having lived in Bangkok for five months, I've found only one Thai place in the Boston area that satisfies me -- what a treat that they're both a grocery store and a restaurant. The place? Dok Bua, 411 Harvard Ave in Brookline. T: either Harvard Ave on the B line or Coolidge Corner on the C line (it's about halfway). It's near Kupel's Jewish bakery (great cinnamon-chocolate rugelech) and JFK's birthplace. Dok Bua is the only place where I can go and tell the waiters that I like my food hot IN THAI and they'll always understand me. No risk of the "tone it down for the foreigner" thing.

      Make an evening out of it: go, sit down to eat (I recommend the sausage salad, Yum Kune Cheang -- the kind of dish you'd normally never find outside Thailand) and then browse the grocery aisles getting all the Thai foodstuffs you need. HUGE selection of MaeSri curry pastes. If you have room, go to Kupel's for dessert, but that's optional.

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        Seth Ditchik

        Wow. Do you know if they serve kao soi (sp?)?

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          Hmm. I don't remember khao soi being on the menu, though I'm not entirely sure about that. It's possible they could make it for you if you asked, though. Let me know how it works out if you try!