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Apr 14, 2001 07:07 PM

Graduation dinner

  • j

Interested in good ethnic food, rather than a very fancy place to celebrate our son's graduation. North End or downtown preferred. A place where six people might have a chance of hearing each other's conversation over dinner. Thanks in advance!

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  1. j

    I have found most North End eateries rude and overpriced. How about hitting one of the restaurants on Beacon St. in Brookline, just past Fenway Park? Unless things have changed recently, Elephant Walk (Cambodian/French), Ginza (Japanese) and Taberna de Haro (Spanish) are all there within a block or two of each other. Beware of Elephant Walk, though, because like many Boston restaurants, they don't take reseravations and will not even put you on the list if you call from a cell phone and swear that you are on the way as you speak. Hey, that's "the Hub" for you...

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    1. re: JustinCooper

      I second that opinon. Or what about a South End retreat (although parking is a bitch....). Tremont 647, while not necessarily ethnic has interesting food and Addis Red Sea serves Ethiopian. Or go on into Cambridge...the Helmand (Afghanistan)or the Green Street Grill for something a little more funky