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Apr 7, 2001 12:25 PM

A Greek Grocery?

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Looking for a good/any greek grocery preferably on the South Shore, or in Boston proper. I can't find *anything* listed in the yellow pages and I'm in need of some special cheese and even some baklava for Easter dinner. Anybody have any ideas/recommendations? Thanks!

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    Peter B. Wolf

    SEVAN Bakery, 598 Mt. Auburn Street Watertown, I found this to be the best source for Bulgarian, Corsican , turkish and Greek FETA. Their olives are out of this world. They might not be Greek, but sure Middle Eastern, with other good stuff (Bread,some)too. Peter.

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      And their tahini-bread would make a grown man weep!

    2. Sevan is a good recommendation. There are several Armenian/Middle Eastern specialty shops surrounding it on Mt. Auburn st. in Watertown (near the Cambridge line). The neighborhood is referred to as "Coolidge Square" (not to be confused with Coolidge Corner).

      The Arax Market, in the same neighborhood, has unbelievable baba ganouj....

      1. Arax and Sevan markets on Mt. Auburn Street in Watertown. They have fabulous food, and it's the real thing. No supermarket versions here!

        1. Thank you all, just got back from Sevan's with a package that includes baklava, feta, olives, babagnough, pita, mint, and some spinach pies. What a GREAT place! I'm now *offically* ready for Easter!!