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Apr 7, 2001 12:09 AM


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So how about the fast food Buzzys Roast Beef? Is that worth going to for a late night bite? I heard the Roast Beef on an onion roll with horseradish is good. Anybody want to offer an opinion?

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  1. I'll chime in. The "old" Buzzy's was much better and much cheaper. The new owners have "cleaned" the place up but they've also increased the prices considerably. The food is marginal at best. The only good comments are usually from those who just finished a night of heavy drinking and would gladly eat a kitchen sponge if it had enough ketchup and salt on it.

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    1. re: Joel

      Tis true-
      The old Buzzy's was better.
      However, I recently stopped in - after work, not after drinking! and I had their chili.
      I thought it was pretty good-
      Had some fire and a that vinegary taste that I happen to like. May not appeal to all, but better than I would have expected.

      1. re: Joel

        Funny you should mention it. In the 1980s my brother and I took -several- wobbly late-night walks from Cambridge to the old, grungy Buzzy's, where we would happily devour the huge fries doused in - you guessed it! - mass quantities of ketchup and salt. Ah, the "good" old days! ;-)