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Apr 5, 2001 06:27 PM

Late night

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Can anyone recommend a great restaurant that is open after midnight anywhere in Boston?

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    Seth Ditchik

    Great restaurant? Not really. This town pretty much closes its doors at 10pm. You can get good food, in a hip if somewhat noisy atmosphere, at the Franklin Cafe in the South End, which I think serves until 1am. Deli Haus, on Commonwealth Ave. near Kenmore Square, has by no stretch of the imagination "great food", but it's a filling punk-rock greasy spoon which is open until 3am, and fills with college kids and assorted revellers when the bars close around 2. Ginza, a sushi place in Chinatown, serves until 3 as well. The Blue Diner is nearby, and open 24hrs., I think.

    From what I understand, Stan Frankenthaler's Salamander, on Copley Square, serves its Asian-influenced cusine until 1am.

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      Win (Boston)

      Leaving aside the requirement of "great", your limited choices after Midnight are the Blue Diner (not very good), the Franklin Cafe at 278 Shawmut Ave in the South End, Brasserie Jo at the Collonade Hotel and Grand Chau Chau in Chinatown.

      The Franklin Cafe serves very, very good food until 1:30 am. When you walk in, you'll know you've found the right place. EVERYONE is here. You will probably make it your second home. You can find a sample (read: out of date, but representative) menu at:

      Brasserie Jo serves a late menu until 1230 or so. The menu is short, but the quality is high. Look for their "Light Menu" at:

      Grand Chau Chau is open until 2 or 3 am. It's about as good as Boston's Chinatown gets.

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        If I remember correctly, Peach Farm is also open late in Chinatown, which I prefer over Grand Chau Chau. There are a couple other late night restaurants in chinatown as well (I can't remember names). Might want to check next time you're in the nabe.

        1. re: Win (Boston)

          You know- the Franklin Cafe may be a fun scene, and I remember Mo's cocktails from Anchovies were always the best, but her restaurant consistently oversalts!
          Granted, they are not alone in this travesty. Oversalting is prevelant in Boston.
          Good food however, should stand on its own. Salting is a cheap way out.

          1. re: Miiki

            You know, I was at the Franklin Cafe the other night. Had a decent meal, but the drinks were really not so great at all (I'm talking cocktails, not wine). I had 3 cocktails and each one tated like diswasher soap....Then we went to Pho Republiqe. Their drinks rock, I really must say.

        2. Your sushi options after midnight are actually o.k. -- there's Gyuhama on Boylston ("Midnight Rock & Roll Sushi" -- the waitresses change out of kimonos and into leather skirts & jackets) and there's also the original location of Ginza in chinatown. I know for a fact that Ginza is open very late (somewhere between 2-4AM--I can't remember), and Gyuhama is open at least until 1AM on weekends, I think. You may want to check with the restaurants before going, as I think the hours vary depending on the night.