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Apr 4, 2001 09:02 PM

Transcendental Oysters!!!

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I had such a euphoric experience at lunch today I had to share it with my fellow hounds...A friend and I, who always threaten to make a meal of steamed oysters with black bean sauce, did just that at Peach Farm Seafood in Chinatown. I'd eaten there before, and it was good, but these oysters were the BIGGEST, yet most tender, we had ever had, and the black bean sauce was very well-integrated--not overwhelming, not too much, and not too OILY!!! We ate a huge platter with a little white rice, the better to savor every drop of that oyster liquer! It was as lovely to the eye as the palate....Do I sound like I'm still salivating? Hell, if I smoked, I'd have to light a cigarette!!!

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  1. I can appreciate your euphoria. Peach Farm is currently my favorite chinatown restaurant. We ate there a week ago Saturday with another couple and it was just outstanding. I always get the clams in black bean sauce, but haven't tried the oysters at Peach Farm yet. After reading your praise, you know they'll be the first dish I order on my next visit. Thanks for the info.