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Mar 22, 2001 01:12 PM

lobster dinner

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I am an avid Bosox fan (Go sox!) as are 2 of my good friends, the three of us have a bet with three other friends of ours who are annoying yankee fans. The deal is steak dinner in NYC v. lobster dinner in boston (team who finishes higher in the AL east takes it) All 6 of us are close fraternity brothers who love good food and are actually respectable during the week, but when we get together we still like to knock down quite a few drinks. any suggestions as to where we can get a good lobster dinner that will not throw us out if we have a few too many?

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  1. The Barking Crab down by Fort Point Channel. A tent, with sides , heated in the winter. As close as you can get to lobster in the rough without leaving the city.Wooden picnic tables and benches. And if you leave the city, my hear belongs to Woodman's in Essex...

    1. See the posts below regarding the Summer Shack in Cambridge. Jasper White's newest place, it's both great and expensive.

      1. If you're going to do it, do it right. The Palm is the only way to go. It's pricey but a great place to get a little loud and still enjoy some great food. They do grilled lobster that's wonderful. The drinks are strong, the food is big and the atmosphere is lively. Go Sox!