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Mar 16, 2001 06:38 PM

Chinese Restaurant in West Roxbury/Roslindale/Hyde Park/JP

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Looking for best Orange Chicken, General Gau's Chicken personally but would like to hear about good chinese food in the area.

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  1. I'm afraid I can't help -- but I'm very interested in any findings -- not much good food in our neck of the woods, it seems (except on the J.P./Roslindale end of things).

    1. Even tho it's a little scary looking takeout joint, I like the Food Wall in Hyde Sq. JP across from the Brendan Behan. I usually get spicy tofu w/ peanuts which can come with an appetizer for $5.50. It's a lot of food and quite well done. Haven't had General Gau's there, but the peppery chicken is good too and the spicy eggplant (a small order w/ rice is only $3.95).

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        I highly recommend Mr. Chan's in Dedham Center, which is just across Route 1 in Dedham, across from Isabella's, another fine choice in the area. Mr. Chan's just opened here about 2 months ago (there is another one in Brookline) and it is already packed! Great food - beef with broccoli and excellent shrimp with lobster sauce. Very fresh ingredients all around.


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          I agree. Mr. Chan's is wonderful. Another fine choice is Pu Pu Chinese in West Roxbury near Blanchard's Liquors and across from the funeral home. I have been going there for five years. It's a real treat.

      2. I live in Hyde Park, so I know your challenges when looking for good Chinese in the area. The Talk & Wok, (corner of Hyde Park Avenue and River Street) has really decent food, fresh, and reasonably priced.

        The General Gau chicken is really pretty good, as well as some of their dishes. Give them a try.