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Mar 12, 2001 11:40 PM

Hi-Rise Bakery

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I can't remember seeing anyone write about this place, but if you want one of the best sandwiches in Boston, go to the Hi-Rise. There are two locations in Cambridge, both off the beaten track, but worth the expedition.

There are a wide variety of sandwiches available, featuring everything from eggs to pork loin to tuna (to vegetarian), many with eclectic ingredients that some may find excessive, but most of the time seem to work in concert with each other. There is also an impressive baked on-site pastry and bread selection, and wines (by the bottle or case), which seem to be reasonably priced.

There are additional specials on the weekend, including the "Greens Eggs and Ham" sandwich, which should not be missed. All the grilled bread sandwiches are great. They recently added pizza, but I don't think it will put North End Regina's out of business.

1. Seating is communal and usually very scarce - don't go expecting to linger and read the Sunday Globe.
2. Prices are not low. (But having lived the past 10 years in New York, they don't seem too bad to me.)
3. They need more locations. Currently owner unwilling to expand due to quality concerns.

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  1. The Hi-Rise is great; I used to work nearby and would eat there once every two weeks or so. Usually lunch came to around $10 with a sandwich & a drink, too much for everyday on an editor's salary buy pretty par for the course in the Huron Ave. area. I read a review somewhere which referred to it as the "Hi-Price Bread Co." I was under the impression that they were going to open up a separate pizza joint, but I guess they decided to keep it all under one roof.

    If you're in the area, it's worth it to walk 1/4 mi. south on Huron Ave. and visit Formaggio Kitchen, Cambridge's cheese mecca. They also have a selection of specialty produce and breads there as well.

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      Jason Valdes Greenwood

      Rene Becker, the owner of Hi-Rise, did open a pizza place on Huron Ave, across from the old Emma's (which is another pizza joint now). I haven't eaten there because I'm a devotee of Emma's. The hole left by Emma's created the Huron Ave pizza wars.

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      Leigh Buchanan

      Everything at Hi Rise is great, but the standout sandwich is Dan's Havana Heaven: grilled pork loin, ham, cheese, (truly) special sauce, and chopped gherkins.