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Mar 10, 2001 10:59 AM

Need a place near BU

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I am going to be staying in a hotel near BU for a few days and I need some good restaurnat suggestions. Or, do we need to eat elsewhere?

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  1. Depends what you want to eat, and what price range..There's lots of good Asian restaurants around there,my favorite is Victoria Seafood(HongKong style Chinese) on Commonwealth Ave,almost on the BU campus..Brown Suagar, very authentic Thai, is about a block away.Pho Pasteur, a tried and true Vietnamese place, is on Brighton Ave, pretty close...Coolidge Corner(in Brookline, Harvard St) has one of the best Sushi bars in the city, Takeshima, altho some people prefer Fugakyu,(very high end, very expensive..) Mr.Sushi, which is actually Korean, is across the street...I could go on...It's my neighborhood.Will you have wheels? Are you looking for anything specific?

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      How about a good place for Lobster near BU, or any seafood?

    2. Not to evade the question, but BU and the hotels nearby are within walking distance, or a short cab ride, to most of the restaurants you will read about on this board.
      As you might expect, restaurants right at BU are catering to the tastes of 18-25 year olds. So, you might have to walk a few blocks. But, just a few blocks.
      If you can get a little more specific, I'd love to help. Chinese for $5 or Lobster for $50 or Prime Steak for $16? We have that and a lot more!

      1. OK, I am going to be staying within a few blocks from BU for five days in April with my teenage son. We are looking at colleges. So, coming from Seattle, I want to find a great Lobster place and some other great "tastes of Boston." We may have a car or we may take the subway, or cab. Recommendations?

        1. You are a few feet from the Kenmore stop on the Green Line (subway). You will be able to take that to many areas with many good restaurants. Get off at the Copley stop and you have Skipjacks and Atlantic Fish Co. within a short walk for seafood. There are many other great spots on Newbury and Boylston street at your disposal.

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            I second the idea of Skipjacks. Its loud and lively but the fish is real fresh and the wine list good !