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Mar 7, 2001 03:53 PM

good food in Worcester?

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Does anyone know of good places to eat in Worcester-Shrewsbury area? I visit frequently and haven't yet found anything special, but I may not be looking in the right places.

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  1. There has never been anything spectacular in Worcester in the 12 years I lived there. However, of good quality is the Sole Proprietor and its sister Steak house concept, 111 Chophouse. Thyme Sq on Hudson was pretty good (on Pleasant St and Hudson). Beechwood Inn tries awful hard but it depends on who the chef du jour is, Also of note is The Struck Cafe in Tatnuck Sq. There are a good variety of ethic restaurants too like Da-Lat on Park ave for vietnamese, and a great Lebanese place on Lake ave and route 9. I can't seem to remeber the name right now

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      The place on Lake Ave used to be called, I believe, El Morocco, and it's the only one restaurant I ever went to that had excellent Middle Eastern Food. I do recall Struck Cafe from it's roots in the 70's. Will have to try Da-Lat - thanks, Food Maven!

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        If you like Italian food, Worcestor has a small Italian neighborhood with a few good places - of note is Dino's Restaurant, which has been around for years and has a real homey atmosphere - the food is also delicious (the closest to my Italian grandfather's cooking that I've found!). It is in a tiny dead end street in a residential neighborhood off Route 9 on the Shrewsbury border, call for directions or you will never find it!

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          I completely forgot about El Morocco! It's on Wall St. off of Grafton St.. Worcester has a strong Armenian and Lebanese contingent. There seems to be hummus on just about every appetizer menu. At the corner of Lake ave. and Route 9 (right next to Mr. Tux) is El Basha. Try the Falafel Sandwich for lunch with a fresh squeezed lemonade.

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            El Morocco has been closed for years. It was sold a few years ago, became the Il Palazzo, someone was murdered there and now the place is being auctioned. An awful way for a nice restaurant to end it life, huh?

      2. There are plenty of tasty restaurants in Worcester! Nancy Chang's on Chandler St. has excellent Asian food with lots of veggie or otherwise healthy options. Tortilla Sam's on Highland ST. is a cool place for Mexican. It' stays open late and is BYOB. Plus you can't go wrong on Shrewsbury St.- the Flying Rhino, Portobello's, Primo's...

        1. Check out the Struck Cafe at 415 Chandler Street in Worcester. Best food around! Menu changes seasonally and can be seen on their website at

          1. browns resturant by the river seven bridge in worcester is good