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Mar 4, 2001 02:56 PM

Dinner Suggestions for a visitor from NYC

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This weekend I'll be coming to Boston and looking for a place for dinner on Saturday night. We will be staying in the Back Bay area but I'll have a car and I don't mind traveling up to about 20 min., though South End would be first choice! (I lived in Boston about 10 years ago, so I'm very familliar w/ Boston and the surrounding area) We are looking for a restaurant that has GOOD food. Italian or French Bistro, American,etc...(Not Asian) Not super fancy,but some atmosphere would be good! price is not that important. Last time I visited, I ate at Lumiere, which I thought was quite good, but, would like to try something different. THANK YOU VERY MUCH IN ADVANCE!

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  1. Go to the North End, and do the tasting menu at Marcuccio's on Salem Street....Extremely creative Italian....

    1. South End? Try Icarus. Was there 10 years ago when you were there and is still terrific. I think it is on Shawmut ave?? But not sure. St. Cloud's was down there too a few years ago but can't remember if it still is. Franklin Cafe is another one to try but is really small so get there early.

      1. I second the Franklin Cafe gets a good crowd though, so go early for dinner! St. Cloud is no longer there. Try Aquitaine, a French bistro on Tremont, right opposite Geoffrey's. Good wine selection, reliable food. Better still, try Truc, about a half bloc from Aquitaine on Tremont, GREAT food!! (However, there is a new chef since I was last there).