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Mar 1, 2001 04:39 PM

Need Great Chinese on the North Shore

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I'm trying to plan a Chinese style banquet for my parents 50th anniversary. None of their friends will drive into Boston,so I'm at a loss...I need recommendations and menus for a great Chinese place around Peabody, Danvers, Saugus,so I won't anguish about how much BETTER it would have been in Chinatown!!!

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  1. Su Chang's on Lowell Street in Peabody is exactly what you are looking for. We particularly like the clams in black bean sauce, lobster with ginger and scallion, and salt and pepper calimari - outstanding! They also have a second floor function room.

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      Hey, thanks for the tip!! I broke down, and told the parents, because a surprise wasn't possible, and they mentioned Su Chang's, and had a fabulous time at a party there.. ("They kept bringing out platters of food, and announcing each dish!", was my mother's rec...)...BUT----sorry to say, the parents' taste cannot totally be trusted, but when a chowhound seconds it, I know I'm on the right track...SO, we are having their party there, at the end of April! Thanks for the help---I'll post a report after the event!

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        Great! I'm sure you'll all have a great time. One other must-have is the special soup called Sai Wu Minced Beef Soup - it is filled with fresh cilantro, mushrooms, tofu, and sliced beef. It is one of my favorites.