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Feb 27, 2001 08:27 AM

Restaurants Near the Fleet Center

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I'll be coming to Boston this Friday night for the Celtics game. I'm from out of town and am really not that familiar with all the great restaurants in Boston.

Anyhow, I'd love some recommendations for restaurants within walking distance or even a quick car ride from the Fleet Center.

I'll be with three other people, we're looking for something casual, more like a brew pub type fare, good beer, great food.


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  1. You could try the Brew Moon. It's a small Boston area chain (I think they have 3 locations) of restaurants that are a cut above a typical brew pub. They brew all their own beers. I visited the Cambridge restaurant about 2 years ago. I know they have a downtown Boston location on Stuart Street, but I'm not sure how far it is from the Fleet Center.

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      The Brew Moon is not near the Fleet Center. It's in the theater district. Commonwealth Fish and Brew is only a block from the Fleet Center.

    2. My favorite, McGann's Pub, is about half a block from the Fleet Center on Portland Street, it's very good pub fare, plus more upscale entrees, but it's sure to be crowded before a game. There are also a couple other Irish Pubs on Canal Street, maybe a block or so from the Fleet Center. There is also a Friday's style bar/restaurant on the opposite side of Causeway Street from the Fleet, on the corner of Merrimac and Causeway. This neighborhood is big on Irish pubs! There is also another one right opposite the Fleet Center on Causeway, it starts with a "K", can't remember the name, it has a pretty good lunch, always crowded before a game too. Have a great time!

      1. Thanks to Kitty and rjka for your suggestions. I'll be arriving early, @4:00 PM, so it sounds like a good idea to park the car, grab some food and Guiness and do a small pub crawl.

        Go Celtics!

        1. I agree that McGann's is a great stop as is The Grand Canal. Commonwealth Fish and Beer has a big menu and microbrews. The Fours has decent food too. You're also within walking distance of The North End and the hundred or so Italian restaurants there.

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            That is the name of the pub on Canal Street, The Grand Canal! Duh! I blanked on the name, but I like that one too!