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Feb 25, 2001 08:23 PM


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What are the best choices to eat in Waltham?

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  1. Ricardo--

    I hope you get some chowful replies, but, meanwhile, this board contains several dozen savvy tips for the Waltham area. Use our search engine, linked below, to dig 'em up.



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    1. re: Jim Leff

      There's lots of excellent restaurants on Moody Street in Waltham.

      Unfortunately, what used to be our favorite Indian restaurant in the whole Boston area, Little India, on Moody St., was disappointing last time we went. We didn't recognize any of the usual friendly waitstaff and the chow was disappointing. We haven't been back since. Sorry to be so negative. I'll try to think of some more places there...

      1. re: Justin

        As Justin says, there are a number of Indian restaurants on Moody Street. We usually go to New Mother India, reliable food, good lunch buffet too. If you like BBQ, Jake & Earl's recently opened on Moody St. I have not been there yet, but I have heard that it is pretty good. Also, try Carambola on Main Street. It's French/Cambodian, I have always had a good meal there and it is usually crowded. FOr special ($$$) occasions, Il Capriccio and the Tuscan Grill are well-known.

        1. re: Kitty

          OK, got some more Waltham info...from my bud who works for the city of Waltham...CP Nuttings is an upscale steakhouse; Sadie's is an old time saloon w/ great wings; Watch City Brewing Co. is a brewpub w/ their own beer; and Ritcey Seafood is a local fish joint that has been there for years. It's run by a city councillor whose father was a fishmonger -- the guy didn't want to go into the business, so he made it into a restaurant. Apparently Friday nights are crowded. It's a real Waltham institution.

          1. re: Justin

            some small Really good food places: Tacqueria Mexico, Pandorgas(ecuadorian), Mi Tierra(guatemala)-the best salad and homemade cheese and sour cream to go with the food, Lizzys for icecream , waltham seafood is pretty good for casual fresh fish, country bakery(not sure if the name is right but its on moody near the newton line) has the best muffins anywhere

          2. re: Kitty

            As I understand it, Ehrwan of Siam is pretty good. Carambola is run by the same people who own Elephant Walk, a well-regarded French/Cambodian in Boston.

            1. re: Kitty

              Carambola is my most favorite restaurant in Waltham

        2. La Campagna, on Main St. Welcoming, good food, reasonable prices