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Feb 23, 2001 12:48 PM

Kosher meat in Cambridge or Boston

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I just signed the lease on an apartment in Cambridge, MA, and I'm a little upset that I'm going to have to drive all the way to Brookline to get kosher meat. The Empire Kosher Foods website ( says that only one StarMarket in Cambridge sells kosher chicken, but (1) it's in the furthest possible part of Cambridge from me, and (2) it's not meat.

Anyone from Cambridge or nearby have this problem? Do you just go to Brookline?

Maybe I shouldn't be whining... it can't be more than a 30 min drive, even with traffic.

I'm working in Burlington, so if there's a kosher butcher closer to there, that's good too!


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  1. Broadway Market on Broadway right near Harvard Yard has some kosher products (Empire chickens and deli meats). They're very accomodating and might be able to get other things for you by special order (they've done it for me before, you just have to ask).
    Alternatively, you could try an online delivery site, there are some kosher butchers that will ship overnight, although I've never tried one and don't know how expensive they are.

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      There is The Butchrie in Brookline, Mass, all kosher, all the time!!