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Feb 12, 2001 11:26 AM

Kebab Factory--Finally, Good Indian Food in Boston

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I have been searching long and hard for an outstanding Indian restaurant in the Boston area, and I think that I may have found it last night at the Kebab Factory, on the Cambridge/Somerville line. The interior has a playful, India-meets-downtown feel. We started with a special scallop appetizer that was served on pappadam and accompanied by a puri--it tasted like an Indian take on cerviche. Dinner consisted of a chicken dish, dipped in cream cheese and a pepper marianade and then fired in a tandoori oven; the chicken was amazingly succulent and flavorful. We also lamb patties filled with a yogurt sauce; the patties were a bit dry but tasted quite good with the addition of tamarind sauce. Best of all, they serve a masala sauce along with the meal that brought me right back to the glory days of eating at the Jackson Diner in Queens, NY (the measure by which I judge all Indian restaurants). The price was in line with other Boston-area Indian restaurants--$43 with drinks (before tip) for two. I'm interested to hear what others think of this place.

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