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Feb 12, 2001 08:49 AM

Amanda Lydon

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I am broken hearted that Amanda Lydon has left Truc. She is a genius; we have had many many wonderful meals there. Does anyone know where she went?

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  1. Supposedly she's taking some time off, and not working anywhere. As for the new chef at Truc, has anyone been since he's taken over?

    1. Here's the most recent Amanda Lydon news, from

      "Whatever else you might have heard, here's the deal (from people who should know): Chef Amanda Lydon, formerly of Truc, has chosen her next endeavor. She has officially signed on to run the show at Metro, a French brasserie slated to open in late April/early May. Metro, part of the Barcode/Vox Populi family, will be in the former Cottonwood Cafe space on Mass Ave. in Porter Square. We'll keep you posted as to what to expect on the menu and in the dining room. 2/14/01".


      1. A great chef and a nice person to boot. I look forward to her next resto.