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Feb 8, 2001 02:09 PM

I know it's kind of late...

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but I was really looking for a small romantic place for Valentine's Day dinner. Nice atmosphere, good food and wine. Let me know.

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    Hardly late. It's the little places that fill up last -- everyone runs for top-shelf. My recs...

    Taranta in the North End. Very different, nuanced food form the South of italy. Singular wine list. shadowy, romantic.

    Centro in Central Square. Rene Michelena's trattoria. Italian and rustic, but with Rene's minimalist ingredients/maximal flavor approach. 30-seats small. $14 buys most entrees.

    Truc in the South End, especially if you can get in the back room, is one of the sexier places to dine in the city. Brand-new chef, but stellar resume. Intelligent, gutsy French stuff.

    Pigalle. Brand-new near Theater district. Fine young chef named Marc Orfaly.

    Then, for something different in cuisine, try Baraka Cafe (but no wine), Atasca in Cambridge for Portuguese, The Helmand near Lechmere for Afghani.