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Feb 6, 2001 01:55 PM

Considering the Federalist...

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For my father's birthday, I was hoping to go out somewhere interesting, with excellent, refined food. Many restauraunts are not possibilities because one of us has been too recently, this includes Clio, Lumiere, Hammersley's, Mistral, Bomboa, No.9 Park. Biba is out because I work there.

Was also considering Icarus, but for some reason the Fed has more pull. Truc would have been a good call, but I'd like to give it some time due to the new chef.

Any reccommendations welcome.


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  1. ive found the food at icarus to be better the atmosphere much more relaxing yet still elegant. plus the service is much warmer...the fed is ok but to me its trying waaayy too hard. and it has an uncomfortable feel to it. id choose all the places you had listed (if you hadnt been) before the federalist.

    1. I have read several reviews on the Federalist and they all are in agreement that it's way overpriced for so so food and so so service. What about Radius?

      1. I've had several wonderful meals there, and the pastry chef is truly amazing.

        1. I love the Fed. Yes, it is pricey, but I think that the service and food *do* justify that price. I first went there a month after they opened and had the best beef wellington I've ever had. They've since removed it from the menu (to try new things), but if you call ahead and give them advance notice, they'll prepare it for you.

          someone else said that the Fed made him/her feel uncomfortable. I don't feel that way. I think it's decor is great and the service is great. But, to each his own.

          Take it from another Tufts student -- try the Fed.

          1. I would suggest L'Espalier for really interesting and good food with service that is excellent.

            Also it has no attitude. A big plus in my book.

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              I still want to go to the Fed, but will postpone it. I know L'Espalier is excellent, I interviewed there about 3 months ago as a waiter, but never heard back. Radius, I forgot to mention, but my father was there a year ago. I would love to go there, but with so many places to eat in boston, I wanted to find somewhere new to both of us.

              L'Espalier will probably end up no mre expensive than The Fed, I am assuming both will run about $250 for a deuce, so assuming i can make a reservation tomorrow, I will go to L'Espalier -- i doubt they will recognize me.