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Feb 3, 2001 09:00 AM

fish-naked or in a shack?

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Naked Fish vs. the Summer Shack...have wanted to try these two relatively new fish places around...havent been to either yet and wanted to hear your opinions/reviews...thanks in advance

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    1. I've been to both. Was not at all impressed w/ Naked Fish and wouldn't go again. The decor/atmoshpere was pleasant though.

      I liked Summer Shack (I got a fish special - maybe Mahi Mahi, I forget). My husband was not thrilled (he got fried clams and said they were better at Kelly's). It was kind of pricey for lobster and the a-la-carte stuff, but my meal was reasonable for what I got. The atmosphere is not cozy. Big room w/ mostly long cafeteria style tables. We got a table for two that sits up a few steps and we were comfortable there.

      1. The food at Naked Fish is less than exciting and the decor is goofy - Disney does Cuba or something. I liked the atmosphere at Summer Shack, but the menu is uneven, with lots of mediocre choices at meteoric prices. Why not try the Barking Crab or Turner Fisheries?

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          My friends and I went to Summer Shack and had a terrible time! Very expensive mediocre food, loud music, and screaming kids crawling all over the place. Never again! If you want a great dinner out, try Truc in the South End.