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Jan 24, 2001 10:34 PM

Dish, on Shawmut Ave.

  • j

Last night I ate for the first time at Dish, on Shawmut Ave., across from the Franklin Cafe. I wonder if other people have eaten there, and what they thought?

For the record, here are my impressions: I had a cheese platter which was small but truly excellent. My main dish, a pork chop, was first rate. The service was a little slow. The wine list was uninspired and overpriced ($26/bottle for Bonny Doon Big House Red, which sells for $7.50/bottle in California grocery stores), but that's Boston for you.
These minor flaws were easily overlooked because the prices are good and the restaurant is not overcrowded like Delux and the Franklin.

p.s. I also walked past Blackstone on the Square, which was totally empty at 8:00 PM. I wonder if they are in trouble...

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