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Jan 24, 2001 07:03 PM

Beef Wellington!!

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My girlfriend and I are big beef wellington fans. I've compiled a list of places that I know about that serve it. We've only been to the Fed.

-The Federalist, Boston - amazing
-Aspasia, Cambridge (hasn't been on the menu in a while, I think you can call ahead and request it)
-No. 9 park, Boston
-Le Lyonnais, Acton
-Nasturtiums, Newburyport

anyone know of any other places?


Doug & Rachael

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  1. Beef Wellington is no longer on the menu at the Fed. But, I have read somewhere on this board that you can get it if you call ahead. The chef has changed, but the menu is great as ever. The Dover Sole is as good as I have ever had!