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Jan 21, 2001 12:33 PM

fall river and worcester

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hi gang -

what do you suggest in fall river and worcester?
keep it low $, not big $$$.


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  1. portuguese for sure in fall river - there is one restaurant we have visited repeatedly called, I think, Alves. On the main n/s drag in town, south of main city business center, in the portuguese district. grilled octopus , bacalao, linquica, the usuals. Very friendly welcome and inexpensive.

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      Not necessarily low $'s, but the only restaurant I can really recommend in Fall River is the Abbey Grill. It is attached to a culinary school and they do inventive food in a nice atmosphere (an actual old abbey). And I'd say moderate prices (but i'm from NY, so anything that's not $25/entree is moderate to me).