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Jan 10, 2001 12:13 PM

I need a North End, Italian recommendation ASAP!!

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Next Thursday (1/18), I'm taking my Mom, Dad & his wife, and sister, to dinner in the North End and cannot decide where to go. To fit every one's criterias I need a place that takes credit cards & reservations, isn't too loud (I like a lively house, but it makes Dad insane), with yummy food at decent prices, not too far walking from Fanueil Hall. Any suggestions? I've been to La Summa and liked it, would like to try someplace different! Thanks!!!!

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  1. pomodoro on hanover st, or terra mia on salem st. modern pastry for cannolli's

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    1. re: stephen kaye

      Unfortunately, Pomodoro does not take credit cards, but is an amazing place.

      1. re: stephen kaye

        Thanks! I saw that pomodoro doesn't take credit cards, and terra mia doesn't take reservations. Any thoughts on Trattoria a Scalinatella, where I've made reservations pending any advice I get here!

        1. re: Guinevere

          I like Villa-Francesca on Richmond Street. Great veal. We had a window seat when we ate there last winter. Try Marcuccio's or Monica's Restaurant. They were a recommendation by Chronicle a local TV show in Boston.


          1. re: Nancy Ives

            Monica's may be your best bet. For two other recommendations, try Sage -- it has great food and is very small and quaint. Also, though you would never guess it from the tacky neon sign, Cantina Italiano is spectacular and very reasonable. Sage is on Prince, Cantina on Hanover.

          2. re: Guinevere

            Scalinatella is great restuarant but be warned that they have a dress code. It's a dimly lit, romantic restaurant so you may want to check it out before you go.
            It sounds like Saraceno meets your criteria for reservations, credit cards, and location (on Hanover St, close to Fanueil Hall). They have a big menu to fit most tastes.

        2. I know it is a little late for mom and dad but some time you should try Lorenzo's Tratoria. It is a small quiet place that serves great food and good wine. If they don't have it on the menu just ask. the owner grew up on his grandfathers buffalo farm and makes his own mozzarella there at the restaurant. I do not live in Boston but everytime I visit I make it a point to stop by and visit Lorenzo.