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Jan 6, 2001 07:42 AM

gourmet stores

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I live out in the hinterland and I would appreciate it if some of you hounds would tell me which are the gourmet stores in the Boston area with the largest selection. Anything like a Zabar's or Balducci's ? Thank you.

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  1. nothing here that quite equals zabars or balduccis (or dean and deluca for that matter). however, there are a few places i check into on a regular basis:

    marty's in allston and newton. a wine store, but with great prices for chocolate, cheese, oils, vinegars, etc.

    formaggio kitchen (huron avenue in cambridge and someplace in the south end) has a great selection of oils, vinegars, cheese, fresh produce, and all manner of goodies (baked and otherwise).

    trader joe's has great prices on dried fruits, nuts and olive oils. check for locations.

    hope this helps.

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    1. re: lynn

      I really like Capone's in Somerville. They have fresh pasta, good cheeses, lots of olive oils and vinegars, coffee, chocolate, etc. It's in Union Square, maybe on Summer St. Also, Bread and Circus (at Alewife) has a lot of stuff, but it's overpriced.

      1. re: Justin

        I'm also a big Capone's fan -- and not just because the owner's name is Al. Phenomenal pasta and cheeses. Try the aged farmers' gouda. Wow!

        I think that Capone Foods is primarily a restaurant supplier, as they close before most people leave work at the end of the day. Open on Saturday mornings, though. Right across the street from a couple of other good places: the Neighborhood Bakery (Portugese -- go for brunch in the summer), and the Reliable Market -- a midsized Asian grocery that sells excellent sushi-grade fish for the do-it-yourself maki crowd.

        1. re: Gabe Handel

          I'm a HUGE fan of Capone's too! I wouldn't necessarily classify them as a gourmet grocery store...perhaps a specialty store. Capone's is the only place I will buy my olive oil & balsamic vinegar! BTW, has anyone tried their "lobster sausage"?

          WRT the orginal question, I don't think I've run into a gourmet grocery store with the range and selection of Dean & Deluca's. Right now, I tend to shop at Bread & Circus for fresh produce and meats -- then supplement with Capone's, Ming's and other specialty grocers.

      2. re: lynn

        Marty's is a must on every visit I make to Boston, especially for the wine selection. Check out the close out bins for fun items.

      3. addendum to my earlier response:

        For citrus oils, other flavored oils, and caviar, try Boyajian. I think they're now in Westwood; don't know whether they now do walk-in retail, but they're on the web:
        Also, try Szathmary in Coolidge Corner, Brookline, or in Needham, 'specially for smoked sturgeon.
        For other Russian deli, cruise Harvard St. @
        Brighton Ave, in Brighton.
        Good Look again!

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        1. re: m

          Earlier entry got lost.
          Try main drag of Watertown; also, Russo's in Watertown; also, Chinatown markets.

        2. I'd love to find a good gourmet shop on the South shore somewhere (and *not* the Hingham fruit market, please). Any ideas?

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          1. re: Guinevere

            Check out Ward's Berry Farm, exit 8 on 95 between Boston & Providence - just off the highway. Award winning tomotoes, awesome corn, all kinds of pick-your-own stuff, great gourmet groceries, on-site bakery. Open 8-8, 7 days.....

          2. Don't forget Savenor's on Charles Street. Small but has a great selection. Also Deluca'a on Charles and Newbury Street.