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Dec 14, 2000 11:29 AM

summer shack update?

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Has anyone been back to Summer Shack since they opened? There were some posts initially that left me underwhelmed, wondering if it's improved enough to warrant a visit.

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  1. I've been there several times since they opened, including Memorial Day weekend. While they definitely had service problems early on, that issue has greatly improved - mostly from the hiring of more staff.

    The menu has also changed a bit; they've added a more varied dessert menu. Jasper's pan-roasted lobster is still the best lobster dish on the menu; the specials are always excellent and pretty well priced, IMO, for what you're getting. I'm not particularly crazy about the ala carte side dishes - you have to order rice or veggies if you want them rather than automatically getting starch/veggie on your plate with the main dish you ordered - but that is more of a family-style way of service, so it makes sense for a family-style restaurant.

    The wine list is also very good, including several wines from local New England vineyards (Sakonnet wines are particularly good).

    The noise level is definitely something that could be off-putting. You're in a very, very large open space, and there are lots of people moving around. But it is mostly set up for family-style dining at long picnic tables, so that's to be expected. If you sit in the main restaurant area, know that it's not really a "romantic place". There *are* booths around the outside edge of the room, and the noise level is lower there, but it's still evident. I tend to wait for a seat at the bar (the one in the main restaurant) where you get the full menu. The other bar has a much smaller bar menu, but it is a lot quieter.

    If you've never been, I'd try it out. You can't go wrong with the food, and during these drab winter days, it's great fun to go to a place that's playing "beach music."

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      Thanks for the information, I think I'll give it a try based on your report!