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Dec 10, 2000 02:29 PM

fried turnip...

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Last year, the (Chinese?)restaurant in Allston on Harvard Ave that served the most fabulous fried turnip closed for good. The fried turnip had eggs and scallions in it and appears frequently in my sleeping dreams. Any thoughts on where to find this in Boston...Have appetite.. will travel....

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  1. You must mean the late, lamented Ducky Wok, which still lives on in MY dreams...For fried turnip, you won't believe this, but just down the street, on Comm. Ave, Quan's Kitchen sometimes has it on the menu....An esp. hearty version!

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    1. re: leslie

      Thanks, Leslie, for the fried turnip tip. I am salivating. I will definitely call ahead to make sure its on the menu so I don't get my fried turnip hopes up.You are a doll!

      1. re: lori

        Mea culpa, Lori, but I was at Quan's Kitchen last nite, and there wasn't hide nor hair of that fried turnip...Looks like your only hope is getting it as Dim Sum.....China Pearl and Chau Chau City(my fave) have it everyday.....Sorry!

        1. re: Leslie

          Hi there! I called the restaurant and she had never heard of Fried Turnip! Can u imagine? I will try the Dim Sum thing sometime. The only thing that gets me nervous is seeing chicken feet on a cart. Bad Dim Sum memory. But, I might do anything to get a taste of that turnip stuff again. i tried making it at home but it paled in comparison. thanks for understanding!!! Lori