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Dec 7, 2000 02:04 PM

Restaurants serving Christmas dinner?

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I'm new to Chowhounds; have been having fun reading the various posts. My question for you all is about restaurants serving Christmas dinner.

Christmas this year is going to be a little disjointed (some people in my family are traveling the day after), and I thought it might be nice for several family members to go out for a mid-afternoon dinner after the opening of the gifties.

Any ideas of nice Boston area restaurants (either in Boston or in the Waltham-Beverly-Newburyport Rte. 128/95 area) that are serving Christmas dinner? I guess I'm looking at prices in the middle to near high-end (depending on what "high end" ends up being!).

I think Boston Magazine advertises restaurants that do so, but I stopped subscribing a while ago (lousy magazine, IMO), and don't feel like picking up the December issue.


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  1. I recommend the Colonial Inn in Concord, MA. My family is quite small and we have dined there for the past two Christmases (and will be dining there this Christmas as well). They have several afternoon sittings and a special Christmas menu for $49 per person. We love it as it is an authentic old New England inn, with fireplaces, very cozy. After dinner, you can stroll around Concord Center or out to the old North Bridge to work off those calories. You do need to make reservations ASAP, however; I called two days ago and the 1:30 sitting was already full.

    1. I would try any restaurant in a hotel such as Clio or Rialto..they're pricey, but bound to be open. Clio has fabulous, inventive food...I had the tasting menu there this past weekend. Definitely my top eating experience in Boston (although the desserts were mediocre and rather lacking the intensity of flavors I found in the rest of the meal). I've eaten in Rialto twice, and both times have left unimpressed, both with the food and the service. You could also try the Four Seasons, etc. for something more traditional.
      Hope this helps,