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Dec 7, 2000 09:39 AM

Salvadoran food

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Hi all

I started the Burrito angst thread a couple days ago. Anyhow, I thought i'd add that, while there seems to be NO, and I mean NO real Mexican food around, there ARE quite a few Salvadorans who fake it very nicely. I've had really great tacos, tortas, and pupusas (these are actually native to El Salvador) in the city.

I'll have to try that Pupusa Guanaca place - sounds yummy.

I was surprised to hear that so many people liked Anna's. The highly gentrified locations put me off.

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  1. Went to try Salvadorian Cafeteria based on an earlier review. Service was as described. The family springs into action when a customer arrives and watches Univision when not tending to customers. The papusas were okay. I ordered pork, but got all beans.

    I'm a bit concerned about sanitation. I think our dished were handwashed in a sink behind the dining area. I guess the low volume of traffic does not justify running the sanitizer. The chef also paraded a large carton of raw meat through the dining area to the aforementioned sink. They use a tupper ware bottle to store the tomato sauce condiment. The same bottle is served over and over again. The hardened crub atop the lid made it rather unappetizing.

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      Just picked up this thread, don't know if anyone's reading anymore but...

      La Papusa Guanaca in Hyde Square, Jamaica Plain makes terrific Salvadoran specialties. Just last night my beloved and I sampled Salvadoran enchilada (totally different from Mexican), black bean and cheese papusas which had a wonderful freshcorn flavor, fried yuca which was just perfectly golden. Freshly shredded tangy cabbage, beets, and carrots accent the food, as does the hot sauce. They cook to order, which makes for a slow wait in a small place with very loud music. I suggest placing your order then going next door (to the Brendan Behan pub) for a drink, then coming back in about 20 minutes for your tasty meal. Enjoy!

    2. Tacos Lupita is my favorite Mexican restaurant in the Boston area. The family that runs it, is from El Salvador so it has that influence. The food is always great.

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        I agree on Lupita. Can't say the food is uniformly great, but it's generally very good, and the thing you forgot to mention: it's DIRT CHEAP. As in, "you can stuff yourself for $5" cheap. In an area where Bartley's $10 burgers get listed in "Mr. Cheap's Boston", this is a major plus.

        Location: behind the 7-11 on Somerville Ave, down the street from Porter near the railway tracks.

      2. speaking of mexican food/burritos, have you been to taqueria mexico in waltham? i posted about it quite a while ago. it's near waltham square, on a side street. it's not the greatest (the meals can push the limits of greasiness), but it's the closest you'll get to "mexican food" like that served in most california mexican restaurants (NOT including the great chains of red onion/el torito etc). i just found a old review of it from the boston globe -- the link is below.