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Dec 6, 2000 10:58 AM

Bartley's Burgers

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One of our fav hangouts at the big H was Mrs. Barley's Burgers, up near Hong Kong. I though it closed several years ago. Fellow classmates were all under the same impression. And yet today, MSN is profiling a "Bartley's Burger Cottage" at an address which sound pretty much like where the old one was.

What's the deal? Resurrected, incorrect profile, or did it really never close?

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  1. Bartley's, to my knowledge, never closed. I've been there several times over the past couple of years, most recently about three months ago. Same decor, same surly staff, same tight quarters, same phenomenal burgers.

    Around the corner, the Bow & Arrow Pub finally closed its doors a while ago, much to Matt Damon and Ben Affleck's chagrin, I'm sure. It's possible that the two places, both of which are pretty thoroughly sketchy in appearance, got mixed up in the telling.

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    1. re: Gabe Handel

      The day I cannot get a bearnaise burger at Bartley's, with extra bearnaise sauce to dunk the french fries in, accompanied by a raspberry lime rickey, would be a sad day indeed.

      Fortunately, as of last summer, that day had not arrived and Bartley's was alive and well.

      1. re: Bob W.

        I ate at Bartley's once but can't bring myself to do it again. I just cannot justify spending $10 on a burger and fries. The burger I had was good, yes, but definitely not THAT good.

        For burgers in Cambridge my pick is O'Sullivan's, on Beacon Street across from the Star Market (near the Somerville border). Very good burgers -- better than I remember Bartley's being -- and great fries (very large, perhaps more like "crisp potato strips" than fries as such), and it is noticeably less than Bartley's (though not actually *cheap*).

        Anyone know other places for burgers/fries in Cambridge/Somerville that don't break the bank?

        1. re: Amod Lele

          yeh the cantab in central square

    2. Were you maybe thinking of the Tastee? That closed about 2 years ago.

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      1. re: Christine

        BTW, that was spelled "Tasty". I do miss that place.

      2. Bartley's Burger Cottage is the same as Mr. Bartley's which is the same as Mrs. Bartley's. I suspect the full name of the place is something like Mrs. Bartley's Burger Cottage. The place is still the same, the burgers are still the same. The two changes in recent years are now there are tubs of Mr. Bartley's grandmother's sweet pepper relish on the tables and prices have been going up. It's now about $10 for a burger and fries.


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        1. re: julia

          Julia, now that you mention it, I think the sign out front says "Mr. and Mrs. Bartley's Burger Cottage."

          I'd be curious from a purely academic standpoint -- this is Harvard Sq. after all -- what the breakdown of burgers ordered by type. This is one of those old timey places where the menu contains items that they might not be able to make if someone ever ordered them. I seem to recall burgers at Bartley's that might not have been ordered since JFK was a president, not a street.