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Nov 30, 2000 10:54 PM

Robert Nadeau: Good Chowhoundish Reviewer

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Hey, do you Boston guys know about Robert Nadeau, who reviews for the Boston Phoenix? I've just been reading through his stuff online, and I'm really liking it. Very chowhoundish. He's one of us.

See a compendium of reviews (most are by him, but not all) at link below.



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  1. I've been reading Nadeau's reviews for years...I find him always spot on. I've never been let down on retaurants I visit (or don't visit, I suppose) based on Robert's excellent reviews.

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    1. re: kay

      Nadeau has always written unpretenious, down to earth, honest reviews. He tells it like it is. I work in Boston and pick up the Phoenix every Friday on the way to the train. The only part of the paper I really care about are the restaurant reviews. Reading Nadeau on the way home Friday night starts my weekend off on the right foot!

      1. re: Frank

        He is very good. Clearly knows his stuff, unpretentious, and an excellent writer. I look forward to reading his reviews.

    2. He is a legend around here!