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Nov 29, 2000 10:16 AM

Where to find some good peanut brittle?

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I have this craving for some peanut brittle. Not something I can find in any grocery store. Anyone know where I can get some of good quality?

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  1. I adore peanut brittle, and the best commercial one I ever had was given me by a homesick San Francisco native whose mother had shipped it to her from a place out there called Sees Candies. I think it's very well-known in California and that they do mail orders.

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    1. re: Martha Gehan

      Sees Candies is definitely a West Coast institution, and they do a few other things very well, too, like buttercrunch (see whole long thread somewhere on this site), and my favorite chocolate-covered marzipan. See mail-order link below.