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Nov 18, 2000 04:33 PM

Japanese grocers in Foxboro/burbs of Boston?

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Does anyone know of a good basic Japanese grocery store in the Foxboro area/South Shore area? I would think that there should be some in Providence or metrowest, but so far the only places I've found have been up in Cambridge. I'm looking specifically for a Japanese place like Kotobukiya in Porter Square, which sells Japanese rice and foodstuffs, but which is closer to where I live on the South Shore. Not looking for Chinese/Thai grocers, as I've come across them during my long search--I'm looking for Japanese products. Any info would be a big help!

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  1. Well, it looks like I may be right in concluding that there's no Japanese grocer anywhere in the burbs of Boston or Providence, except in Cambridge. How about a good Japanese restaurant in the outer burbs? I'm talking about in the I-495 area or Providence. I need my Japanese fix! Please oh please can someone help me?

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      Read your posts & wondered if you were hooked into:

      should help you at least find products!
      good luck.

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        Thank you pkboston, I didn't know about that site and that was extremely useful! I'll be checking out some of the spots I found on that site.