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Nov 17, 2000 05:06 PM

seafood rest.

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Four of us will spend a long weekend in Boston right after Thanksgiving. Can you recommend serious (the best) seafood restaurants. Also a rest. with an aclectic menu. Only quality and service is our criteria.

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  1. i would give Kingfish Hall a try, its Todd English's(of olives and figs fame) new restaurant in Quincy Market/ Faneuil Hall, i found it to be quite good, eclectic, the service great and a good wine the wallet aint cheap...for something a bit more straight forward, i would try grillfish (tremont and arlington streets)'s aint too eclectic...the critics reviews are still out on Kingfish tho...wonder what the regular chowhounds think...(i am new to the group)

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      oh yeah and the new Mcormick and 1 park place...i have eaten at their place in seattle and thought it was good...havent sat in the dining room at this one tho...just drinks and apps at the bar so far

      1. re: bostonopus

        You could try No Name on Fish Pier. It's not a fancy place, but the seafood is realy fresh.

        A question about Legal. I ate at various Legal's six times during a two week period. I like the lobster and the clam chowder. Is there a better place in Boston (not an hour away in some small town) that's better for those two items?

        1. re: mshriro

          lobster thermidor at Anago is fantastic..I stick to home when it comes to boiling lobster, such a rip off when you go out...chowder..try Sail Loft...atlantic ave and memorial drive cambridge, or turner fisheries, or the only thing i think worth going to no name's for is the fish chowder...oh my favorite chowder is still durgin park, too bad they did away with the takeout stand in fanueil hall

          1. re: mshriro

            Skipjack's. Either location is far better than any Legal Seafoods. The service is better too.

            1. re: Joel

              hands down, the best seafood place in the city is kingfish hall in the fanueil hall area...seared scallops w/brown bread and baked beans...tuna skewers....ceviche, everything here is exceptional...a little pricey but worth it

              1. re: papa chubby

                Kingfish Hall is absolutely fantastic....a tremendous menu.

                I also love McCormick & Schmick's for a very, very strong second.....move over, Legal Seafood!