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Nov 15, 2000 06:44 PM

italian wine

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Anyone have any ideas where to go outside of the North End for interesting Italian wine? (I have been to Il Capriccio)
Thanks for any suggestions and explanations.

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  1. Angelo's Restaurante on Boylston Street between Clarendon and Dartmouth Streets has a fabulous wine list from moderate to wildly espensive, and the food is delicious as well.

    1. On the newish side, but in the North End, is Taranta. The list has lots of Southern and central Italian stuff you don't see too often. Il Capriccio is far and away the best Italian wine destination in NE, if not the country. Other good sources? No. 9 Park, for Cat Silirie's list, probably the only place with the type of finds you'll get at Capriccio. South End Galleria has some interesting bottles. Ditto The Blue Room in Cambridge and Rialto in the Charles Hotel.