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Nov 14, 2000 11:28 AM

East Boston - the forgotten neighborhood

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Does anyone have suggestions for good food in East Boston? I live in the neighborhood and frequent the old standbys - Santarpio's (worth the trip through the tunnel, and a must for the pizza guy below), Uncle Pete's Hickory Ribs (not half bad and shockingly inexpensive), Angelo & Sons Seafood (not impressed), etc., but I was hoping someone had checked out and could report on some of the many taquerias and pupuserias in the area. There are dozens.

And if anyone knows of reasonably good Chinese food that will deliver to East Boston, I will consider accepting you as my personal saviour.

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  1. Taqueria Cancun in Maverick Square would be the Pupuseria/Taqueria that I would have to recommend. A number of the Salvadoran clients with whom I work recommended it to me. The place is packed at all hours of the day by a multigenerational Spanish-speaking clientele. The pupusas and carne asada tacos are especially tasty and authentic. It may initially be a bit intimidated if you do not speak Spanish, but the food is definitely YUMMY.

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      I haven't tried Taqueria Cancun yet, but there's a Rotisseria Cancun a couple doors down on the same side of the street at the Maverick Square in East Boston. Tacos were excellent and cheap.

      This was the first time i've eaten anything resembling real Latin American food in Boston. JUST SAY NO TO BOCA GRANDE, PICANTE, AND ALL THE OTHER OVERPRICED, UNDER-FLAVORED, UNDER-PORTIONED, GRINGO FAKE MEXICAN RESTAURANTS! Eastie has it goin' on!

    2. Cafe Italia on Meridien St. near Maverick Square. Great Italian food. Wonderful atmosphere.