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Nov 14, 2000 02:40 AM

Mr Crepe in Davis Sq

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If you can stand the wait (it can be up to 2 hours during weekend brunch time!), Mr Crepe has the best crepes this side of the pond.

Sweet or savory. Dessert, lunch, dinner, or late-night meal. (Open 11-11.)

Davis Sq on Holland Ave. A couple blocks toward Teele Sq. (Pass the Somerville Theatre on your left and The Aquarium bar on your right. Mr. Crepe is on your right.)

Totally blows away the creperie on Arrow St in Harvard Sq that's so forgettable that I can't remember its name.

Being low-brow-chow-hounds, not foodies--from Slummerville no less--we call it "Mr. Creepee"... especially considering the owner is kinda creepy anyway.

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  1. I agree Mr. Crepe is yummy, but I have to say the Arrow St crepe place kicks Mr. Crepe's ass when it comes to the spicy sausage and the goat cheese mix. Mmm....Arrow St crepe's lamb sausage is amazing, as is their herbed cheese. Yummy yummy. Mr. Crepe does produce a crispier exterior on their crepes though.

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      i have to agree, the arrow st crepe place is kinda gross. i went there once. the crepes were thick and kinda gooey-chewy. and the pear and (blue cheese i think it was) dessert crepe i had tasted literally like dishwasher detergent. i don't know if it was the cheese, or the spicing on the pears, or actual detergent, but it was pretty bad.

      surprisingly enough, there's a decent crepe place in the generally odious food court of the cambridgeside galleria. you wouldn't know, from the lines at lunch -- everyone else is piled up at deangelo's and the chinese food place. their pommes frites are especially yummy. i've had a big order of those alone for lunch (now how's that for chowhound-iness versus foodiness? ;-) i think the place is called "paris crepes" or something generic like that, and the people who run it are super nice. plus they have a massive mockup of the eiffel tower decorating the front of their stall. how can ya beat that?

      1. re: ar.

        Thanks for the nice comments about "Paris Crepe and Coffee Bar." We are an authentic Paris streetcorner creperie in the CambridgeSide Galleria Food Court.

        Please bring this in for 20% off your next order as a thank you!