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Nov 11, 2000 08:05 PM

sel de la terre, misc. tidbits

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has anyone been to sel de la terre? i only go out to pricey restaurants about three times a year, so i want it to be good. is this place worth it? this year i've been to central kitchen in central sq, and chez henri.

also, if one is in gloucester, mass. a second franklin cafe (of so. end of boston) restaurant has? will soon? open on main street there, just a few doors down from passports, which is quite good- nice hot popovers served instead of dinner rolls, good pork chops and this amazing mushroom tart appetizer thing.

best BBQ i've had thus far in the boston area- JAkes Boss BBQ on washington street in JP area. Linwood grill BBQ fenway was dry, disappointing in yuppie atmosphere.

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  1. I've been to SdlT twice and found it to be mediocre both times. It's one of those places that uses good ingredients, but the result on the plate is generally uninspired.

    The food is certainly not bad, but would have a ways to go to be called good.

    Try Clio for your next highend experience

    1. Which is the place in gloucster with the good pork chops and popovers -- Passports or the new Franklin Cafe? Is this new branch also called Franklin Cafe (which I LOVE in Boston!)?