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Nov 6, 2000 03:41 PM

Peking Duck

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Any suggestions for really excellent peking duck in Boston (for two)? Preferably not in the most dirty and dingy chrome/formica chinatown dive, but I realize that this might be my best bet...please post.

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  1. One clear cut winner. King Fung Garden. Tiny place across from Boston Costume. Doris Mei runs the 4-booth, 3-table dining rooma nd IRwin Mei cooks. Amazing Peking dumplings, scallion pancakes, and pork buns. Real cozy, but there is formica. Decor really shouldn't be a concern if you like killer Peking Duck. And this one is. Has to be ordered 24-hours ahead, costs $27, and comes in three courses. First is the best meat and crackly skin to be sauced, garnished, rolled. Devoured. Then comes a stir-fry with vegetables made from the dark meat. And last a soup made from the bones.

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      richard green

      try jumbo's seafood restaurant in chinatown-the duck is great and so is the rest of the food..the restaurant is clean but always crowded after7:00pm on the weekends.tell ken or kathy I suggested you go there
      you'll enjoy the place.