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Nov 6, 2000 03:21 PM

Carambola vs. The Elephant Walk

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Hi All

What a great site!

Now - down to business. I recently returned to Boston after spending some time in Northern California, where I developed an obsession with Cambodian food. I had eaten at the Elephant Walk in the past, back when it was in a basement in Union Square, Cambridge.

I recently ate there again and I must say, even after having the real thing, their franco-fied Cambodian was very good, despite the inflated prices, pretentious staff, and uppity Porter Square locale.

But Carambola - how awful!

I was very unimpressed with their mediocre, expensive, gringo-fied fare. What happened? Do the owners of Elephant walk have anything to do with this place?

Also, i'd like to offer 2 of my recent favorite super cheap eateries:

pizza: Santarpio's, Chelsea st. in East Boston. IMPORTANT CAVEAT: don't order toppings.

indian/pakistani: the little counter at the back of the Shalimar grocery store in central square (not to be confused with shalimar restaurant in central sq.)

Thai: the booth in the Chinatown eaterie. Cheap and delicious!


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  1. have had two recent bad experiences at the elephant walk, both with the "french" side of the menu...the cambodian side was good, not fantastic, and way overpriced...this was the Brookline locale...let me know if things go back to the way it was when it first opened

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    1. re: BostonOpus

      I ate at the Cambridge Elephant Walk the other night and was sorely disappointed. The grease from the spring rolls literally dripped down my fingers and all the dishes were extremely oversalted. On the other hand, service was wonderful. Nevertheless, I think Elephant Walk deserves a downhill alert.

      1. re: Helen

        I think the EW is overrated but the restaurant that has replaced the EW in Union Square, Rauxa, is absolutely wonderful. It is Catalonian food and the two meals I have had there have been delicious. Great fish, great sherry, delicious vanilla custard desert.

        1. re: carolyn

          ate at carambola in waltham apprx 18 months ago. one of the most horrible meals of my life/ along with 2 other friends, oh the horror