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Nov 5, 2000 07:56 AM

East Coast Grill Brunch

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Has anyone tried the "latin" buffet brunch at East Coast Grill? I'm very curious to hear about it.

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    Julia Starkey

    I've eaten there before once. The food was tasty and unusual. It was definitely not your usual diner breakfast, or even your usual 'latin' brunch. The food was flavorful and not too greasy.

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    1. re: Julia Starkey

      Its not buffet style (as is becoming the apparent custom of many Boston eateries on Sundays). The a la carte menu consists of breakfast/brunch staples with a latin-carribean flair (i.e plantains, chipotles, mango, firey bbq, etc). Best feature: make-your-own bloody mary bar -- bartender gives you glass and your vodka shot, you put in the juice, and any of twelve spices and garnishes.