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Nov 3, 2000 11:18 AM

Chanterelle on Newbury

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What do people think of this place? I am eating there tnight and am wondering what I should expect.

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  1. I enjoy Chanterelle very much. The food is provencial (French) with good size portions and the atmosphere is dark and quiet. I find it romantic and comfortable. I hope you enjoy it.

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    1. re: Joel

      Please let us know what you thought of the place! We have been there twice, with two very different experiences. It is one block from where we live, so we would love to make it our "special" place, but after the last time we went there, we vowed Never again"/. The waiters were surly, and they ran out of two of the featured entrees. Hope it has improved. The ambience was great, if you weren/t hungry.

      1. re: bpearson

        I have to say I was more than dissapointed with this restaurant. The three appatizers at our table all tasted exactly the same. They were uninteresting, poorly presented and generally a waste of money. For a main course I had the duck which was overcooked, lacked any real character, and quite frankly I would have sent it back had someone else not been taking me out for dinner. The wine list was small and over priced for the selections they had, the wait service was slow, and the deserts too poor to even mention. There are way too many good restaurants in Boston for me ever to grace this place with my prescence again. I suggest that for your special occasions you try Clio. I know it is much more expensive and sometimes the portions are small, but the food is great and it is right near you.