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Oct 30, 2000 08:17 PM

West Side Lounge ?

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I've got the assignment of finding a restaurant prior to a Bruins game. I've yet to find anything noteworthy in the Fleet Center area. Has anyone got anything to say about the West Side Lounge in Cambridge?


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  1. The West Side Lounge is a great restaurant outside of Boston. I live near the place but don't go as much as would like to. (I also work in a restaurant). The food is as straightforward as the atmosphere. Very relaxed with a great mix of people. Hope this helps.


    1. Are you aware that The West Side Lounge is nowhere near the Fleet Center? Close to the Fleet Center are a couple of good Irish Pubs (McGann's, Grand Canal) a sports bar (The Fours) and a pretty good seafood restaurant (Commonwealth Fish and Beer). All I recommend for good food on the cheap side. You also have the places around Fanueil Hall.

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        It took only 20 minutes to get from the
        West Side Lounge to the Fleet Center,
        a very direct route, too. We began with
        six appetizers for four people. My favorite
        were the olives~and I don't particularly
        like olives! That's how good they were.

        All the apps were wonderful, but not
        really enough to share for hungry
        travelers. The entrees were ample
        and were commented on all evening.

        The only drawback I observed was that
        once the tables started to fill up, it
        was difficult, if not impossible to
        gain the attention of the servers for
        dessert(on which we ended up having to pass)
        and the check.